Inspiring My Path
Inspiring My Path
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Who is Hana?

Intuitive Soul Mentor, Psychic, Tarot & Clairvoyant Reader

Welcome! My name is Hana Esselink and I’m an Intuitive Soul Mentor, Tarot, Psychic, Clairvoyant reader and author. I can help you find the answers you are looking for, whether that’s in finance, career, relationships, love or anything else. My unique one to one sessions consist of a tarot, psychic and clairvoyant reading to kick start the process and see where you are at and what challenges or pitfalls you are facing, whether it’s now or something holding you back from the past.

Once the blocks are identified, we work together on finding a solution. This is a combination of intuitive soul mentoring and spiritual work, including tools to help your tap into your intuition and inner self, help you to be motivated, develop more self-confidence and find out what’s in your way. 

It’s an exciting healing process, designed to make you stronger and find your own path. So, don’t delay, contact me today to find out more. Also, during the lock-down, I am holding meditation workshops regularly via my free Facebook group Elevate Your Inner Self and if you’re interested in finding out more, please feel join the group.

Soul mentoring and psychic reading sessions are held over phone or video chat. Session booking appointments and payment via Fresha.
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Thank you sweetheart for the healing and prayers you sent me. Since I met you my depression has lifted. My doctors are realising that it’s not all in my head.
My useless neurologist is leaving! Fate! Things are finally picking up. Thank you Hana. Thank you for all your support and blessings. Your well wishes mean the world to me. Love and light, may the Lord be with you sweetheart you’re a very beautiful person just wanted to let you know how much a positive energy you’ve imparted on my life xxx
Lani , Manchester

'I was becoming stressed and angry while finding myself in a difficult situation in my life and I felt I needed coping mechanisms. A friend suggested  meditation to ease my troubled mind. I tried several meditation apps but felt they didn't deliver the solution I needed. I first came across Hana and her meditations on the Virtual Village Hall website and immediately I found someone whose voice was calm and soothing, whose meditation took me inwards and away from everyday worries. I've done several different meditations with Hana and have realised her meditations are my coping mechanisms. I am gradually releasing the stress, anger and anxiety and am getting back to the person I once was. Personally I gain a lot from Hana, her strength, her spiritual side and her outlook on life makes me feel more attuned to the universe and healed in my soul.  As I've let go of emotions to become a better person, I am able to pass on a more positive attitude to family and friends. Thank you Hana, you seemed to have come into my life when  I needed you most and for that I will always be eternally grateful to the Universe. Namaste' 🙏

‘I had a wonderful reading with Hana, even though we have never met before I felt as if I was talking to a friend who effortlessly knew me inside out 
& was spot on with the things I want to achieve/change in my life. I was blown away by how accurate she was about family members & things from my past, 
I left the call with a feeling of awakening & would definitely recommend her to everyone, she is a beautiful soul, thank you Hana xx’ 
Parminder, Wolverhampton 

‘You are truly amazing. So appreciative that you have done this. I am so grateful. God is so good to me x’ 

Tanya, London 

‘My reading was a very meaningful & positive experience. I found out several things that were true and with which I could relate to. 

I feel more confident in myself now and seem to have a more defined purpose in what I should do in life.’

Ria, London

'This is the second time I have had a reading and I found Hana to be very calm and collected in her advice, very focused in how she spoke to me and the topics we discussed. She's given some good advice on practices for me to follow to help clear negative energies. I find she picks up the core issue / topic very quickly and we get a chance to discuss this thoroughly. I would definitely recommend a reading with Hana.'

SB, London

'Thanks Hana, the Tree of Life healing meditation was lovely. When you said to see the tree grow, I became the tree in my child form and I got bigger and taller, right up to the blue blue sky! Afterwards, when we became grounded, I was the tree from inside. I stood in the hollow tree and the tree and I grew together, there were new leaves growing from all around the tree getting bigger and greener all around me. 

I felt so energised and I knew this IS a new Beginning!! It was amazing, thank you so much Xx'

Joyce 'Bubbles'

'My reading was accurate. I was amazed at how detailed Hana was, she could see things I didn’t mention and was spot on.
Thank you for the clarity and the positive advise. Love and light to you:)'

'Thank you for always believing in me ❤ I couldn't have done this without your spiritual guidance xxx.'
Vanessa, London

'I thought your session was very enlightening, and has certainly re-opened many of my thought processes. As big as I am, I am not short on confidence, but can be very emotional. People should be looking to introduce meditation - like they do the gym and yoga as part of well-being.'
Chris, London