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Inspiring My Path
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Psychic Readings

My psychic readings are a mixture of using the tarot, clairvoyant and psychic skills. The readings are motivational, dynamic and inspirational. I’m good at picking up if you have energy blocks in any areas of your life, this can be in a relationship, whether it’s romantic or any other type, with finances and money, getting a new job or anything else. The readings are accurate and if you have any questions, these can always be addressed.

Often the answers to clients’ questions are not what they appear, so the readings can offer much clarity and resolutions to long standing challenges. If you’re thinking of having a reading, why not book yourself in now and be surprised at what comes up!

Readings can be over the phone, via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or FaceTime.


£60 an hour or £45 for 40mins over phone or video chat. Session bookings and payment via Fresha.

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I had a reading with Hana and I would say that, she is spot on, with whatever she mentioned to me. She is very calm and friendly.
You won't go wrong if you decide to have a reading with Hana.

Hitesh, L

Hana's prediction were not only accurate but insightful. Hana listens to you, guides you and gives you advice with solutions.
I would highly recommend a reading with Hana if you need any clarity.

Shellini, London

I’ve had a few readings with Hana and would definitely recommend her. She is very intuitive and psychic and her readings have always helped me to move forward and out of difficult places.
Beth, London

Thank you for my reading which was very insightful and accurate, giving me lots to think about. For anyone looking for a little guidance, give tarot reading a try.

Just had a tarot reading with Hana and she was amazing with things she picked up as I spoke to her.

Would highly recommend her tarot reading sessions! Her advice about some cleansing rituals were simple and very do-able. Thanks Hana! 

Suzanne, London

 I just wanted to say a very thank you for the reading yesterday... it cleared a lot of doubts there were in my mind and also gave me a positive outlook on things.

Anonymous, Midlands

Hana was very accurate & insightful. Wonderful aura around her and she was so thorough with  her reading. She listens & guides you with clarity & helps clear any miasma of confusion you may have. Highly recommend her if you need any guidance! 

Anonymous, London

Love having a reading with Hana, she is amazing! She’s always spot on and I leave feeling refreshed and with a clear path.

Ligia, London

"The first telephone reading I had with Hana was in December 2017. Hana comes across as a lovely  and professional reader. She addressed several subjects very accurately and very important for me Hana immediately identified and described a block in the most significant situation of my life which was preventing me from moving forward towards my most important life goal. This was invaluable information and allowed me with her help to pursue a way to resolve it. I had two more readings since which both brought valuable guidance. I am very impressed with Hana."